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Paper + Petals: A Creative Blog

Welcome to My Wedding Design Blog

A Blog written to inspire and inform brides, planners and creatives in the wedding industry.

Woohoo - you made it to the Paper + Petals Blog!! It's so great having you here, a part of my creative journey and growing small business. My name is Madie and I'm the Owner and Principal Designer for P+P. It's been a blessing to grow the studio to where it is today, and I can't wait to show you more of my plans in the coming years.

I've been working in design spaces for 8+ years now but have never loved designing more than when I began in the wedding industry. Growing up I always knew I'd be a designer of something... fashion, interior design, graphic design, etc. but never imagined I'd be working in the field of love! I decided to try my hand at Wedding Planning (2 years) but found that my passions and talents were best spent designing your special days, not planning them. So now I focus on styling, wedding design, invitations and signage.

While Paper + Petals is an ever growing design studio, we know you're seeking information, tips & tricks, and aesthetic inspiration! So with that, we've created our very first Blog!

This Blog will act as a place to inform you about the printing industry, unwrap misconceptions about weddings, challenge traditions and curate unique design concepts that push the status quo. Here are some example topics you can expect to read about in the future:

  • Proper Envelope Addressing

  • Recommended Mailing Time Frames & RSVP Deadlines

  • Tips & Tricks: DIY Wax Seals

  • How to select Cardstock for your Invitations

  • Top 10 Design Elements for your Wedding

  • How to pick a Wedding Theme

Sound exciting? Heck yes! Looking forward to learning more? Make sure you join the emailing list so I can keep you up to date on new products, new blog posts, and exciting projects.

Again, it's so nice having you here and I'm so excited to start this blog with you!

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