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get  to know me


I wanted to share a bit about myself

and my passion for weddings & stationary!

A few quick fun facts about me - I love hiking, movies, playing video games with my Fiancé,  and we have 2 adorable cats!


     For starters, Paper and Petals was inspired from assistant planning and wedding coordination. I found my love for event coordinating when I began my marketing degree at ASU. I've always been a self starter, so using my passion for digital design, hand-lettering, stationary, and weddings, I started paper and petals! 

I've been in the design space for 8 years now, including Graphic Design, Stationery Design, Interior Design, Ceramics, and Event Planning.

I love to describe the experience of hiring a designer for stationery goods as hiring a Personal Designer! I love to give creative ideas to enhance your overall wedding  design!

Now I look forward to getting to know more about you!

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